30 December, 2009

Seasons Greetings

Wow. It has, again, been a long time since I have last updated. So sorry to those of you who are checking up on me!

Where to begin? I suppose a short recap on 2009 is fitting as we approach the end of the year.

The year 2009 saw me ringing it in in The Netherlands while I was out on tour with Disney on Ice. It was a memorable occasion and I had fun. It was also, perhaps, the largest New Year's party that I have ever been to.

After finishing up with tour life in April I stayed with my host family, Christian and Claire for a few weeks. It was so wonderful to see them! I only wish that I could go back more often. I was also able to spend time with Philippe and his family while C&C were out of the country. I love my niece Melanie! She is wonderful and is growing up to be a fabulous young lady.

Shortly after returning to the states I decided that it was a good time to get braces to fix my cross bite, and so I have a literal metal chain holding me state side for at least two years. I am told that the pain is worth it. And I do hope that it works and does what it is supposed to. Otherwise I will also have to have jaw surgery. No more surgeries...

Speaking of, I had a partial hysterectomy in August to remove a large fibroid mass that was growing on my uterus. I still have ovaries, so no menopause here! I am healing well and am more than okay with the decision that I made.

After all of the medical drama settled down, I took a job at the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh in the Theatre Department as the Costume Technology Supervisor. Whew, long title. It is a part time position that is running the costume shop and supervising student workers. I am really enjoying it, though sometimes the hours can get to be long, especially during hell week. It is sometimes strange being back as a staff member at a school where I was a student, but we are all settling in just fine.

I have a wonderful apartment in Oshkosh. It was the last one that I looked at, and I am happy that I was still looking. It is large, spacious and affordable! The only down side is that it is the third floor walk up, so there are 55 stairs up and 55 stairs down. More if you go to the basement which is where the laundry is. My legs are certainly getting in shape!

Here is to hoping that the New Year brings good fortune and prosperity to all!


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Allison said...

Costume Technology Supervisor is an awesome job title.

Any chance you'll be blogging about and posting pics of your costume creations?