12 August, 2007

Fittings and other thoughts

Fittings for the tattoos went very well. They were quick and painless. (No needles involved. hahaa.) It was amusing doing them, especially the pinup girl. She was placed on the arm so that when the actor twists his arm in a certain fashion, it looks like her butt wiggles. The faucet also turned out well, but there is no good way of manipulating it so that it looks like anything is happening.

Life out here in California is drawing to a close, and I leave behind little bits and pieces of myself, but I get to take home some great memories. There are also not so good memories, but I find it best to dwell on the positive and simply learn from the negative.

It is odd the people that come and go from your life. Some you wish would stay longer, some you wish you would have never met. I have met some fantastic people while I've been out here, and I wouldn't change that for the world. I have made acquaintances. I cannot say that I have made friends, because the two are infinitely different. I am too cautious to easily befriend people.

Life "back home" should be interesting enough though. I'm not sure if it will be "interesting" good or "interesting" bad, only time will tell on that one. Ultimately I hope that I won't be there long. Long enough to get some money saved, but not longer than that. It is quaint, but I like theatre too much to settle there. I am sure that it will also serve as catalyst to get my bum in gear in creating my own theatre company.

A completely random post, but random may as well be my middle name.