08 May, 2009

Chez Philippe

Wow. My time here is almost at an end. I've been loving hanging out with my host family and seeing new things in Belgium. It is wonderful to have such loving people open their homes for you again.

I've been staying with Philippe, Laurence, and Melanie for the moment as Christian and Claire are on vacation. They are great! The first time I met them was when I was with Christian and Claire. At that time Melanie was four, maybe five, and incredibly lovable. She still is. I love her to bits, despite her flaws. She's hopelessly in love with Hannah Montana and the entire HSM crew. Specifically speaking: Zac Effron. Ah...the follies of youth. =) Since her birthday is coming up soon, I bought her the third movie in the HSM trilogy, and she LOVED it. I made her promise not to scream too loudly, but that was quickly out the window! I remember doing the same things. I'm sure that I will be buying/sending her little gifts far into the future.

Since being here I've taken lots of photos. Of Mela, the garden, the area. I enjoy photography and other people seem to enjoy looking at it. If you are interested in looking at them...here are some links (but please keep in mind that some of them are a work in progress):


Philippe has been doing the pond from scratch. It's pretty amazing to see how much has happend. For a photographic history of his pond, follow this link (also a work in progress, so if you want to see the finished project, check back occasionally):


**sigh** A quiet night at the house, and tomorrow more adventures out and about the area!