31 August, 2008


I've arrived in Glasgow, Scotland after hours of travel and three flights later. The day started out just fine with last minute packing, breakfast, and the first flight. From there it was a 6 hour wait in Chicago, where I was bored out of my mind, and then on to Ireland. We had a delay here, but it seemed to all work out alright.

The flight over to Dublin was actually very nice. The plane was nice, and everyone had individual tv screens to watch whatever they wanted. The food was mediocre at best, and the seats were a bit uncomfortable. But over all it was nice. I'd most likely fly them again if given the choice.

Once we got in to Glasgow we gathered at the hotel and then went our separate ways. My current roommate and I wandered a bit and both bought phones for here now. So...I do have a phone number. However, I will not be posting it here. If you would like it, please contact me via e-mail or through facebook.

The city is quite beautiful, old with a lot of character. I'll try to upload pictures soon. The hotel is nice.

Tomorrow will mark the first day of work with an 11 am work call. I'm not really sure what time that means I should be in the lobby, but it'll all work out I'm sure.

Not much else to tell, and I'll try to update again soon!