19 December, 2008


I know. It has been forever since I have updated, but that could be viewed as either a very good thing or a not so good thing.

Life on tour has been busy and hectic to say the least. We are starting our first split week of tour. We left Paris yesterday and we are mounting the show again for tonight in Nantes. It's crazy hectic and such, but I am enjoying it to say the least. It is pretty much the same thing only in a different city and with less time to do anything.

The schedule is going to be crazy from now until February, so please don't expect a whole lot of new information coming your way.

I am missing home during this holiday season. I've missed Thanksgiving before, but I have never missed Christmas, and this will be the first year. It's cold, but there is no snow, so I am wishing for a white Christmas. It's hard to believe that it is in one week! Christmas cards are coming out, albeit very slowly. **Read as I have not started making them out:)**

Hope that things are all going well back home, and if you would like to send me Christmas greetings, please feel free to do so over e-mail. If you don't have it, as my mother...or me!