27 November, 2008


Wow, so much has changed, and yet so much remains the same. I just returned from visiting with Christian and Claire. I had a wonderful time! The house is still the same, with the same smells. It's amazing how much it felt like 'home'.

I arrived in Vise around 8pm (perhaps later) after traveling all day on Monday. Oufti! We left Sheffield around 8:30 am, so naturally I was a bit tired. We visited for a little bit on Monday night, and then we all went to bed.

On Tuesday I went around Vise with Christian while he did some errands. I got to see some people that I met 8 years ago, and it was nice to see them again. We went to Galler for chocolate (I bought enough for the whole show...seriously...and it wasn't too expensive) which was amusing because Christian loves chocolate just as much as I do. After chocolate we went to pick up Claire at work. She is in Liege now, but is retireing in the middle of December. While there I quickly saw Jean Siquet. I hardly recognized him to say the least. He has completley white hair now and no beard. He is also no longer with Bernadette, and live in Liege with his new wife. Oh the things that change!

Wednesday found me in Liege in the afternoon. I got together with Debra for lunch and then foraged out on my own to Le Coeur Saint-Jean. It is a bar where a lot of exchange students go on Wednesday afternoons. I did find them, and I will say that things haven't changed all that much as far as that is concerned. They deduced that I was a returning student, and I was welcomed into the crowd. I did not stay long though because I had dinner plans. I left them to their drinking and returned to Debra's house with her. A lot has changed there as well. She has finished most of the apartments, and is now working on hers. Cleo is still Cleo but Jess and Jeremy are no longer here.

I returned to Christian and Claire's in the evening to have dinner with them and Philippe, Laurence, and Melanie. Melanie is their daughter. I had gone to a Mini Cooper rally with Philippe in Luxembourg. It was super nice to be able to see them again, and I hope to do it again soon. I'm even friends with them on Facebook, so it aught to be even easier to keep in touch.

I had to come back to work (Lille) today, so I got up early and caught the train from Vise. Christian walked with me to the station, and waited for the train with me. They still call me their American Daughter, which I think is very nice. It was so sad having to say bye after just a few short days. I'm thinking I will go back when we are in Strassberg (sp?), but I can't be certain at this time.


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