21 November, 2008


So there was no London v.2. I didn't manage to get that far. And then there were two weeks in Birmingham, and now we are in Sheffield. Life on tour is going by quicker that summer in WI. :) In most regards it is exciting that it is going so quickly, but sad in others. There are times that I wish that there were more time in some cities because there is so much to do. It all feels so rushed sometimes, and the schedule isn't going to be getting any easier as time goes on.

We are headed to Lille next, and I am excited for that. I'm going to be spending some time in Belgium with Christian and Claire. I may call Debra, but I would like to see how things go. I may even go to Liege in the afternoon on Wednesday just to see if anything has changed. The main thing though is that I will get to see Christian and Claire!!!

I hope that my French isn't too rusty, as I hope to be able to at least understand my locals. It may be very interesting to see what they say if they think that I don't understand!


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