15 December, 2010


Woah. It's been quite a while since I've posted last. Not for any good reason other than time getting away from me and the feeling of not needing to write. Not that I don't like to write, but lately it seems like that is all that I am doing.

I have been in the process of applying to grad schools. Again. I have some time to still apply to some schools, while others deadlines have passed. It doesn't ultimately bother me though as there are only a few schools that I am interested in. In regards to this I have been writing statements galore and am now in need of a digital portfolio. I am sure that costume production/technology programs will become more available in future, but a.t.m. there aren't a lot of choices.

Since the last post I now have two University jobs. I work in CCDET doing Quality Assurance for a state contract and I still work at running the costume shop. Albeit the latter is paid for in kind of a round about way.

On top of those two I am still working at Tommy Hilfiger when they decide to grace me with a few hours, IATSE 470 when there is gig work, the bridal store when I am home and have now started working on designs for "Romeo and Juliet" which goes up in April. Whew.

Speaking of IATSE work, I got my first show call when "Spamalot" was in town. Twice! It was great experience and well worth it. I really enjoyed working the show and being Sir Robin's plus one to the wedding.

Through the university theatre department we will be going to KCACTF Region III for the first time EVER. This is very exciting! I feel particularly proud as I designed one of the repeating props for the show. Hollywood 1-4 will have another chance in the limelight!

Well, this was a post full of random thoughts. Heh. Not much different from the real thing.


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