18 May, 2010

Soon to Follow

For the one follower who is out there, yes, pictures of work will be posted eventually. The "soon" in the title is perhaps a little misleading. I have yet to transfer them to my computer for various reasons, none of which are truly acceptable.

I have been giving more thought to grad school and will be speaking with one of them in the near future. The question that stands is if I can actually afford it. That may not be the case. Whelp...we will see where that one goes.

In other news, I have been feeling a little down and out. Life is so uncertain at this point that I want to shove as much certainty into it as possible. Like trips with friends and jazz like that. If I do do the grad school thing, a visit will be in order. A road trip buddy would be great. Someone other than my mother. That would be even greater.

Much randomness has been written, and more will probably follow at a much later date.


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