05 July, 2009

Parting of Ways

Hey there everyone.

I am writing this note to make all of you aware that I will be having surgery on August 4. 2009 to remove my uterus and the fibrous mass that is growing on it. While it is surgery, it is not dramatic, nor is is unexpected on my part. I learned about a month ago that I had a mass growing on my uterus and have since had a follow up appointment with Dr. AJ (Please don't ask me to spell out his name!) where we discussed my options.

Upon full disclosure about all of the options available to me, I made the decision to have the hysterectomy. I understand that some of you may feel that this is drastic, but I am sound in my mind that this is what I need to do. That and considering my other options were to leave it, remove just it (with a 40% recurrence rate), or remove it and what it was attached to. It will be done and over with and I shouldn't have to worry about any more surgeries or it growing back or any of that jazz.

Just wanted for you all to know what was going on. Good thoughts would be appreciated on the day of surgery.


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