29 April, 2009

End of Tour

"Holy wow." to borrow a phrase from a friend. "Nemo" has closed in Europe and I am safely tucked away in Belgium for a few weeks of relaxation.

The end of tour was intense. There was a lot of drama. Words were spoken, tears shed, and final hugs good-bye. I managed to escape most of it, by choice, and tried to end it on a high note. I know that I have grown into myself a little more, and hopefully into a better person. I had my fair share of challenges, and hurdles to overcome, but now I can reflect on the past for what it is and take what I've learned forward.

As you may be aware, I am currently not employed as I have 'separated' from Feld. I've been looking into some other companies, sent my resume to a few, and been on the hunt for a little while. I'm hoping that something pans out, but if it doesn't, I guess it just means I'll be free for a little longer.

I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize for not blogging more often, and to thank all of you for keeping me in your thoughts. I hope to see all of you soon...


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