06 January, 2009

Bonne Nouvelle Annee!

Voila! The New Year is here and it becomes the time of the year when people's ideals are high and they hope that they have the will power to match. A time of renewal and the hope of achieving things that can only be deemed important by the person doing them. I am not one for making resolutions, simply because I will not remember what it was I resolved to do come March!

It has been a long time since I have updated here, and there has been much that has happened.

We have been to Paris and then to Holland. I was able to meet with a friend of a friends and it was very nice! I met Jurienne for the first time when Emilie and I stayed with him when we made a grand tour of Europe.

As a company we celebrated Christmas and New Years with parties and food. The hotels were equally decorated for the holiday season and it was nice to see. It isn't everywhere that there are decorations like at home.

I hit a rough spot at work during this time, as there continues to be some stresses that haven't ironed themselves out. I continue to try to work on them in hopes that things will get better. We have also reached that time of year where there are discussions about future work with the company. I have not yet decided if I want to continue here. I believe that I would enjoy it better if I were the head of the department and was able to do things in a fashion that made sense. However, I highly doubt that they would give such a position to someone who has had less than one year with the company. Time would tell, but I am not sure I want to give them more of it.

In other news I have gotten to visit with Christian and Claire again! We have had a few days off of work (the last for the next 6 weeks or so) and I took the chance to get away from everyone. Not that I don't like them (the folks from work), but at least here I have things that I can do instead of nothing! I would take every chance to visit with Christian and Claire.

For now, it is what it is, and I can't think of much else.


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