11 July, 2008


Wow. It has been a while since I've updated this here blog with anything substantial. I apologize for that, but then again, what do you expect? Dial up and I don't really get along. That is why I am updating while at Coral's (in Madison) since she has cable.

In case you have caught it, I am going to be going on tour with Disney on Ice: Finding Nemo. I have generated a map on Google Maps. It is titled "Where in the world...", in case you want to find it. I do realize that the link that I tried to use didn't work. *sigh* Not so good on the whole computer technology thing.

Almost as good:

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Dan is the one that managed to inform me that there was indeed a way to do something like this. A big WOOT! to having tech savvy friends. He is also the reason - or rather a big part of it - that I am down here in Madison in the first place. There was really nothing on earth that was going to prevent me from hanging out with him since he was so good to be in this neck of the woods to begin with. Oh the sacrifice...;) Anyway, picked him up from work, then went to his hotel for some swimming. After becoming sufficiently prune-ish we went to a really good thai place for dinner. Bumped into Dan Bush while we were there. That was a flash to the past. Eventually we meandered our way to back to the hotel to watch some Tour de France and then out to Crystal Corner, which is a bar where a friend of his was playing in a band. I got completely schooled in pool and foos ball. Which really means that I should probably go out to the bars more often in order to become more proficient in such sports.

Also while at the bar, the tender cooked up a drink that he calls the "pink pantie" and it was pretty good. But I'm also a light weight. There is nothing I can do to help that though. Damn genetics. Then it was back to the hotel for some sleep. King size sleep number bed. Good times and pleasant dreams. Breakfast was delish, and then it was time to part. Again. It's hard sometimes to say bye to someone when you don't know when you are going to see them again. But I have faith that our paths will cross again.

Then I headed to Coral's work place, got keys to her apartment, and hung out there for the rest of the day. And that is what I've done so far. I know, not very exciting. Meh. Perhaps I'll come up with something else before I head back home.


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