14 February, 2008

Wandering ways

Life is continuing to move on with our without me.

I've joined the fray and have gotten a "real job" working alterations/retail/rental at a bridal store. It's going alright. I enjoy working there, and it poses it's own challenges, but it really isn't where I want to be.

I was offered a summer gig with Adventure Theatre. I'm not sure if I will take or not. I am also waiting upon some information from the Opera. And while I'm not sure that either of these places are where I belong, it takes me one step closer to an amazing future.

Where I want to be is totally unknown, as I've been waffling between a couple of choices for the last year or so. (I am so very fortunate to have a lot of great friends who listen to me debate the pros and cons about everything.) What I do know is that I really need to start my own theatre company. It can flop or it can fly, but I need to do it. I have director(s) and actor(s), and I am sure I can pull in some other favors. I also have a great person tagged to do the graphic design.
Said person is pretty amazing. Not to mention I owe him the name of my hopeful new endeavor!


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