12 October, 2007

I'll take "Sell your Soul" for 400

I may have made a minor error in taking some over hire work. I was offered the opportunity to work for Advantage Theatre, which is really exciting. The only bad thing is that I will be doing a 40+ week in at The Opera on top of doing 20+ hours for Advantage. However, it is more exposure, and I will do it. I will come out better from this experience.

I had dinner with my cousin the other day, and it was really fantastic! He made London Broil (beef), garlic mashed potatoes, and broccoli. For desert we had home made ice cream with raspberry sauce. I had a great time, and he is super funny person. I really appreciate all that he is/has done for me.

I am spending the weekend with Andy to celebrate my birthday. Tonight is staying in, tomorrow is "Shear Madness" and other activities, and Sunday is apple picking, the Packer/Redskins game, apple pie, and Ikea. I am really excited to be spending some quality time with friends!

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